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July 16, 2005

Kentucky Focus (MP3 LINK)

On my final program, Kim Smith with the ONE Campaign joins the program to talk about poverty in Africa and how to fix it.

Kay Tillow of Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care also joins the program to talk about fixing America's health care crisis.

This is likely the last program to be posted to this podcast feed. Please feel free to contact the Kentucky News Network to find out where you can hear the Kentucky Focus program on radio or to request a podcast feed of the program.

July 06, 2005

A programming note (MP3 LINK)

As of July 15, 2005, I will resign as an employee of Clear Channel Radio in Louisville.

As such, I will also no longer produce the Kentucky Focus program. I've had a great time hosting the program and I hope I've had some impact toward bringing reasoned debate on important topics facing Kentucky. Thanks for listening.

July 01, 2005

Kentucky Focus (MP3 LINK)

John Yarmuth of the Center for Kentucky Progress joins the program to talk about Kentucky's massive Medicaid shortfall.

Also, after the Supreme Court rules against two displays of the Ten Commandments on public property, what's next for the people fighting to display the Commandments. Martin Cothran of The Family Foundation, a group that supports those displays in McCreary and Pulaski counties, will tell us.